Why Would You Want A Resource Centre?

Why would you want us to create an online password-protected Resource Centre for your organization? The answer is in the question: “What do I do? I’ve just been tasked with writing a QP card (or options briefing note, or Memorandum to the Minister)”.

An online Resource Centre will:

  • Provide podcast and written training materials to improve the quality of the products your staff produce;
  • Provide templates and examples using content specific to your organization (you tell us which key issues you want covered in the examples, we research and write the examples);
  • Present detailed information on How It Works – Question Period; or the Memoranda to Cabinet process; or Cabinet briefing; or whatever it is you want included in your Resource Centre;
  • Offer examples and advice on how to find your department’s key messages or the Minister’s preferred responses;
  • All in a password-protected on line-site that can only be accessed by us and the people you give your password to. And it can be updated over time to meet your organization’s needs.

There are even more reasons, like, it’s very cost effective and provides value for money – think of it an as always available training session. All material is clearly identified as examples for training purposes. Your users can download & copy the material or leave it on our password protected site and and access it whenever needed. And we have more expertise in this area than most do – more than 20 years experience serving Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

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One Response to “Why Would You Want A Resource Centre?”
  1. Donna Reeves says:

    Hi. Just wondering if you could help me out with writing letters to ministers how to address the minister or are there any free courses you would know about that i could do. Thanks Donna

    PS Writer reply:
    We don’t know of any free courses Donna, but Purdue University has a free resource site, one section of which is on writing business letters. It may be of use to you when writing to Ministers. Here is the link: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/653/01/

    Basically when writing to a Minister, the salutation is:

    The Honourable XX
    Minister of YY
    Office address (departmental address or Parliament Buildings address)
    City, Province/State, Country, Postal Code

    Dear Minister:

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