Training For Public Sector Officials

Theresa McKeown of PublicSectorWriting.com designed and delivers the 90-minute audio-video webinars online. Enroll individually, or as a group, and participate from your office (most webinars begin at 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time).

How to Write Excellent Briefing Notes offered January 24, February 21, and March 21, 2017. For detailed information, or to enroll online, Click Here.

Improve Your Ability to Summarize Complex Material offered January 26, February 23, and March 23, 2017. For detailed information, or to enroll online, Click Here.

How to Write Excellent Question Period Cards/Notes offered January 31 and February 28, 2017. For detailed information, or to enroll online, Click Here.

How to Write Excellent Ministerial/Executive Correspondence, offered again in 2017. For detailed information, Click Here.

Customized Webinars: If the scheduled dates/times do not work for your group, we can schedule a webinar just for your group at another time. Or, if you would prefer a customized webinar, using your organization’s issues and content, this can be arranged. Contact Us by email or telephone.

Comments from participants in previous webinars:

  • We attended your webinar on “How to Write Excellent Briefing Notes”. The team found it very useful. First time we’ve taken a webinar with this organization. Very impressed. JW
  • Great webinar – very informative and practical. I really appreciate your frankness and thanks for sharing your experience, insights, and those resourceful links in the deck. AY
  • Please let me pass on to you some feedback from my group: Everyone I spoke with said it was a great session yesterday, and really appreciated the intense content. i.e., straightforward and blunt delivery, with questions only at the end. We would not change anything! Great session. MZ
  • What an excellent session on “How to Write Excellent Briefing Notes” Webinar, I found the government perspective excellent. The entire course was very useful to me. This workshop was amazing. JW
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation. Excellent and effective presenters are a rarity. LMP
  • Thank you for your presentation. It helped refine my thinking for preparing BNs; it will probably help my writing in general. And was it ever timely! A couple of points that stuck: A BN can be viewed as a measure of your expertise – it was the first time I’d heard that but I think I was biased that way already. The second point was that it is my responsibility to be understood and to get feedback. Thank you for those too. ASL
  • Thank you so much for the webinar today. I found it valuable, not only to be more concise with the writing of Council Reports and Briefs but also to help us coach our senior management team on how to write a briefing note on rather large documents and reports that we are expected to read and disseminate. LC
  • Great job on the webinar! Your presentation was very practical & easily applied to my work. PS
  • Thank you so much for your presentation on how to write excellent briefing notes. Having recently transitioned from a Masters student to a new employee in the public service, I can identify with many of the challenges in adapting personal writing styles to the public sector context. FS
  • I wanted to thank you for an excellent session this morning. You clarified many points I was pondering and provided my new mantra … Edit, edit again and yet again. It was time well spent. BR
  • Thank you so much for your presentation. I found it very informative and straight forward. I deal with issues around clarification and writing styles, every time I am tasked with developing a Briefing Note. DS
  • Thank you very much for sharing your expertise this afternoon, I found it very helpful. NT
  • I appreciated the presentation today, especially the discipline of maintaining focus on the objective of the document and not getting side tracked with lower value content. MB
  • This was my first webinar and found your presentation and information very helpful. It was fantastic! CS

We conduct public sector writing training; offer performance & professional development coaching; and review briefing, cabinet, parliamentary affairs, correspondence and other services for government departments.

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