Who Are We?

Public Sector Management Consultants and Trainers

Theresa McKeown2Theresa McKeown & Associates provide this site to promote best practices and improve the quality of writing in the public sector. We conduct public sector writing training for officials; we also review briefing, cabinet, parliamentary affairs, correspondence, and other services for government departments.

Although various universities, organizations and government departments produce resource material on effective writing, our objective is to supplement the academic and technical resources by sharing political acumen acquired from more than 20 years of experience serving Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

A Management Consultant and Trainer, as well as a personal wellness coach, Theresa has a master’s degree in Public Administration, an undergraduate degree in Political Science and more than 25 years of executive and management experience, in both the public and private sectors. The international consulting, training and coaching business is based on Vancouver Island and in Ottawa, Canada.

Individuals and organizations use us as Catalysts for change work. Sometimes all you need is a Catalyst for the changes you know you want to make. We assess how to Bridge the Gap between “How It Is” to “Where You Want To Be” and then we provide strategic advice or coach you in getting there.

What Do We Do?

Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Your Services

As priorities shift and demands fluctuate, how effectively do you and your organization organization adapt, respond? We invite you to engage with us in a conversation about the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the services you provide. We specialise in:

  • Quality of Service to Ministers’ and Deputy Ministers’ Offices. We conduct organizational analysis and systems reviews to identify problems and recommend solutions for briefing, cabinet, parliamentary affairs and correspondence services. We also offer training on best practices and how to write products for Ministers (briefing notes, QP cards, ministerial correspondence etc).
  • Organizational Analysis and Design. We review and develop mandates, accountabilities, required competencies and performance measurement indicators. We do process re-engineering and develop strategies for implementation, managing change, staffing and training.
  • Human Resource Management Services. We develop strategic human resource and personnel management plans to help organizations recruit, train, develop and manage human resources in order to achieve organizational goals and increase employee satisfaction and commitment. This includes developing workforce development plans, performance management plans, employee relations strategies and workforce adjustment strategies. We also review personnel policy compliance with statutory and regulatory frameworks.
  • Performance Coaching. We provide coaching to help executives and staff bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Perhaps it’s about your public speaking ability, your career path, your management abilities or improving employee relations?
  • Communication Strategies and Products. We provide communication training on effective speaking, listening and writing. We also write strategic communications, planning and reporting to Parliament documents for clients.
  • Team Building. We facilitate team building sessions and strategic planning retreats.
  • Public Sector Writing Workshops. We deliver Training Workshops and Webinars on writing products for Ministers & Deputy Ministers.

Here’s What Some of Our Clients Say About Us:

  • Would highly recommend. Hope to work with again in the future.
  • Very organizationally aware. Well received by senior management and staff.
  • Understood the needs of the department and the transitional context it faced, as a newly created portfolio organization.
  • Analysis was thorough, timely, well research and thoughtful. Well thought out communications and implementation strategy.
  • Provided recommendations on organizational design, staffing, accountabilities, implementation strategies and best practices which were accepted by the Executive Committee of the department and implemented.
  • Dependable, conscientious, ethical, extremely professional, dedicated.
  • Thorough, thoughtful. Compelling, supportive, challenging and inspiring.
  • Superb at building productive teams, inspiring people to perform.
  • Enthusiastic, with innovative flair.


Why Use Our Services? We are absolutely committed to high quality service and the integrity of our work. We are experienced, dependable, and thorough. We have produced excellent results for our clients in federal, provincial, municipal and not-for-profit public sector organizations. We have successfully undertaken (and completed on time) complex and sensitive projects involving organizational analysis, re-design, implementation and training for the Department of National Defense; Public Safety Canada; Industry Canada; Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development (NHQ, Moscow & Mexico); Indian & Northern Affairs Canada; Environment Canada; Public Works & Government Services Canada; the Immigration & Refugee Board; the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency; and the Canadian Border Services Agency. We have also trained hundreds of federal, provincial and municipal public sector employees in webinars and onsite training sessions on writing products for senior executives.